Greetings from Radio Funk, your station of Funky Pearls Radio. Our calling is to spread the essence of Funk music beyond borders.

We advocate for the unifying role of music, and aspire to share this ideology with you. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to listen to their favorite music, wherever they may be.

Thus, we dedicate ourselves to disseminating our passion for Funk music to as many people as possible.

We understand the complexity of unearthing new Funk hits, especially if you're not an expert. We, therefore, offer a blend of Disco and Funk tracks from the 70s and 80s.

We have a passion for music! All its styles! And specifically, the one that makes your senses vibrate. If you're reading these lines, there's a high chance you're one of us.

We understand what being a fan of Funk and Disco music entails: a constant search for new titles and the euphoria when you find one that resonates with your spirit.

Our mission is to provide this feeling to all fans by providing a platform to discover or rediscover the Funk hits of the 70s and 80s. We've been communicating our enthusiasm for African-American music to the world for two decades.

And even though many identify us as a Disco and Funk radio, our music selection has expanded to include Soul and New Jack Swing music.

If your heart beats for Funk and Disco music, you're in the right place! We ensure that you can listen to the best tracks in one place, to satisfy your musical cravings whenever needed.

Radio Funk is a web platform entirely dedicated to the cream of Disco and Funk music, available at any time thanks to our online radio.

Join our community today! You can listen to us 24/7 on Funky Pearls Radio, or on iTunes or Spotify. We also have an app that allows you to listen to our shows wherever you are!

For our international listeners, we have diversified our programming to include many international Funky tunes and DJ sets.

If you're a fan of Disco, Soul, Hip-hop, Jazz, or Reggae, Radio Funk is your destination of choice. We have something for all tastes, regardless of where you come from or the genre of music that animates you.

Funk music is incomparable. You'll rediscover Funk classics like Shalamar or Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson, and much more...

You're on the only Funk site to broadcast online or on your smartphone. The best of Funk and Disco as well as unique remixes for the Funk lover you are.

Our ambition is to make this musical style known or rediscovered through our choice of titles and artists, both famous and discreet.

We encourage you to sign up for our lists, follow us on social media, or check our website for more details.

Some Funk artists will be familiar to you, many others will not.

We cannot neglect the musicians. We acknowledge there's much more to achieve. But we want to be transparent about the project's progress and our commitment towards it.

Don't forget to join us on social media or register on our website to receive news and more detailed information. We live to the rhythm of the music.

And even though we have a certain penchant for a type of music, we do not believe in labels or categories - we simply think everyone should feel welcome here.

In summary, if you're a fan of Funk music, is the place not to miss. And if you're not, we invite you to explore our site and discover a new musical style! Ultimately, Funk music is for everyone.

It's made for those who love to dance, celebrate, get to know each other, gather with friends and family, connect with each other in a space filled with strangers, and have fun.

Sure, other musical genres have these qualities (rock is an example), but do not underestimate the impact of Funk on the world in general.

We've all been marked by Funk music in one way or another, whether we were aware of it or not at the time.

So let's celebrate Funk as the universal language it is, a language that transcends borders and limits, and speaks to everyone, provided you keep an open heart and a free spirit.

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