Hip Hop Movement | Radio Funk
Hip Hop Movement | Radio Funk
Hip Hop Movement | Radio Funk

Hip Hop Movement

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Auteur: Reiland Rabaka

Nombre de pages: 430

Détails: Présentation de l'éditeur The Hip Hop Movement offers a critical theory and alternative history of rap music and hip hop culture by examining their roots in the popular musics and popular cultures of the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement. Connecting classic rhythm & blues and rock & roll to the Civil Rights Movement, and classic soul and funk to the Black Power Movement, The Hip Hop Movement explores what each of these musics and movements contributed to rap, neo-soul, hip hop culture, and the broader Hip Hop Movement. Ultimately, this book's remixes (as opposed to chapters) reveal that black popular music and black popular culture have always been more than merely "popular music" and "popular culture" in the conventional sense and reflect a broader social, political, and cultural movement. With this in mind, sociologist and musicologist Reiland Rabaka critically reinterprets rap and neo-soul as popular expressions of the politics, social visions, and cultural values of a contemporary multi-issue movement: the Hip Hop Movement. Rabaka argues that rap music, hip hop culture, and the Hip Hop Movement are as deserving of critical scholarly inquiry as previous black popular musics, such as the spirituals, blues, ragtime, jazz, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, soul, and funk, and previous black popular movements, such as the Black Women's Club Movement, New Negro Movement, Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Movement, Black Power Movement, Black Arts Movement, and Black Women's Liberation Movement. This volume, equal parts alternative history of hip hop and critical theory of hip hop, challenges those scholars, critics, and fans of hip hop who lopsidedly over-focus on commercial rap, pop rap, and gangsta rap while failing to acknowledge that there are more than three dozen genres of rap music and many other socially and politically progressive forms of hip hop culture beyond DJing, MCing, rapping, beat-making, break-dancing, and graffiti-writing. Biographie de l'auteur Reiland Rabaka is associate professor of African, African American, and Caribbean Studies in the department of ethnic studies and the humanities program at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he is also an affiliate professor in the women and gender studies program and a research fellow at the Center for Studies of Ethnicity and Race in America (CSERA). He is the author of eleven books, including Hip Hop's Inheritance; Hip Hop's Amnesia; and The Neo-Soul Movement: From Classic Soul to Hip Hop Soul. He is also the recipient of the Cheikh Anta Diop Distinguished Career Award.

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Date de sortie: 23-03-2005

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